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Series 9500 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door

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Series 9500 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door

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Series 9500 Aluminum Bi-Fold Door

Exceptional performance meets clean design.

Designed to smoothly stack and fold against side walls, the Volume Program’s floor-supported Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door creates a huge opening from corner to corner, connecting the indoors with the outside and expanding living space. Featuring a contemporary look, it’s able to open to widths of 18 feet.

For energy efficiency, the Series 9500 is made with thermally broken aluminum frames and panels and triple coat Low-E glass for enhancing solar heat gain and maximizing light. Options such as floor tracks, outswing capabilities, and numerous sizes, configurations, and finishes let you customize it for any project.

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Series 9500 Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors
"Fantastic memory point for our home and community." Kevin Lydon, Chesmar Homes

Product Features

Clean Design

The contemporary look of the Volume Program’s Series 9500 includes a 2.25” x 3.5” stile for additional glass and light.

Smooth Operation

A sophisticated hardware system in the sill track carries the weight of the door panels and glass.

Tested for Durability

Built in the U.S.A., all Volume Program door systems are subjected to air, water, and structural testing and are AAMA- and NFRC-tested and certified.

Climate Ready Glass

The Series 9500 features dual-paned low-E glass for better energy performance.

Concealed Locking System

Our bi-fold door includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock to secure its large panels, providing additional strength and protection.

Heavy Duty Hardware

Bottom load carriers and hinges can accommodate door panels weighing up to 176 pounds.

NFRC Values

Access our current NFRC values here for the Series 9500 Bi-Fold Door.


Sizes and Configurations
Series 9500 Aluminum Bi-Fold

Standard Sizes

Standard size systems are available in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6 panel configurations at a 95.5” frame height.

All standard options include a ten-day production lead time.

"People are embracing indoor-outdoor living now more than ever, and Western Window Systems has helped us deliver this desirable element of modern living." Tony Perry, The Greenstone Group


Standard Size Three-Panel Configurations
Series 9500 3 Panel Configuration


Oversized Four-Panel Configurations
Series 9500 4 Panel Configuration


Oversized Five-Panel Configurations
Series 9500 5 Panel Configuration


Oversized Six-Panel Configurations
Series 9500 6 Panel Configuration


Semi-Custom Sizes

Semi-Custom Sizes

The Volume Program’s custom size and configuration options give production builders more design flexibility than ever to differentiate their homes. Plus, most come with an incredible 15-day production lead time.

A custom door can be ordered as a semi-custom door; however, paint texture, sheen, and color will differ from that of a Volume Program door. In addition, our 3” Monster Roller and certain glass and door types are not available. There is no appreciable cost savings to a semi-custom door compared to a custom door. What makes our semi-custom option unique is twofold: an ability to differentiate and a production lead time of just 15 days.

"It’s one of the best memory points we have in the models." Kevin Rosinski, Toll Brothers


Floor Tracks

Water Barrier Sill

Designed for effectiveness in all climates, the water barrier sill’s 1.5” interior leg and weep-hole system safeguards against water intrusion. For additional protection, the back leg of each sliding panel penetrates the track to help keep out dust and debris.

Flush Sill

When ease of entry is more important than climate performance, the flush sill can line up with most interior flooring for a smooth transition to the outdoors. On our floor-supported Series 9500, the interior threshold height is 1.76”. Thresholds are finished to match the color of the frame.

Note: The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the water barrier sill and therefore may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.


Handles and Locking

High-Quality Handles

Each Volume Program bi-fold door features three high-quality, contemporary-style handles. The premium handle, located on all active panels, includes an optional key lock. A D-shaped pull handle, at the bi-fold’s pivot points, further aids in opening and closing the door. And an inactive lock handle, at the door’s pivot points, secures the door panels with steel pins at the head and sill.

Premium and inactive lock handles are available in brushed nickel or black. The D-shaped pull handle is available in stainless steel or black.


Aluminum Finishes
Satin Anodized
Bronze Anodized

Choose high-performance aluminum finishes in one of four color options: Warmtone, White, Bronze Anodized, or Satin Anodized.

Warmtone and White are a polyester hybrid painted finish, meaning the finishing process for the organic coatings conforms to a minimum rating of AAMA-2604. Bronze Anodized and Satin Anodized finishes have a Class 1 rating, the highest and most durable rating for anodized aluminum products.