David Weekley Homes - Nationwide

David Weekley Homes - Nationwide
Jun 30, 2016

Houston-based David Weekley Homes has seen tremendous growth since it opened for business in 1976. In fact, it’s currently the largest privately held home building company in America, with communities in more than 20 major metropolitan markets.

David Weekley Homes has received honors not only for superior home designs, but also for excellence in customer service. Carol Leonard, sales representative for Western Window Systems’ Volume Program, credits the company’s astute ability to identify trends as a key factor in its outstanding reputation. “It’s what differentiates them from many other builders,” she says.

And the 40-year-old company has a penchant for the next big thing.

“There are always trends in home building,” says Leonard. “And David Weekley Homes is typically at the forefront of these trends. It was instrumental in creating homes that eliminated the barrier between the living room and the kitchen, creating one big open room. Now, knowing how important indoor-outdoor living is to the home buying community, the company is leading the charge in a big way: by installing our multi-slide door systems in its new models.”

Leonard adds that the David Weekley Homes’ team is a joy to work with thanks to the passion of its staff members. “It’s a great partnership on every level.”

Learn more about David Weekley Homes by visiting davidweekleyhomes.com.