Webster Window & Door

Webster Window & Door
Jun 29, 2016

In Northern California’s wine country, Steven Webster is practically synonymous with window and door sales and installation.

The fourth-generation Napa resident has been working in the fenestration industry for more than 30 years, first with Valley Window Setters, which he founded, and then opening Webster Window & Door in 2008. The family business gets raves for being customer-friendly, quick, and efficient, whether it’s dealing with homeowners or working on commercial or industrial properties. In fact, the company likes to say that the moment customers contact Webster Window & Door, they become an extension of the family. We discussed the company, its favorite projects, and the future of Webster Window & Door with Kurt Schmidt, vice president of sales.

What are the two most important things your business is focusing on right now?
Number one is partnering with quality builders who share Webster Window & Door’s goals and have a common work culture, which focuses on honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, loyalty, reliability, fairness, and responsibility.

Number two would be maintaining a high standard of sales, service, and installation. And number three would be maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for our installers and our office staff.

What are the strengths of your business compared to other dealers?
We are a small business that easily can adapt to changing needs or situations in the market. The members of our installation crews have 20-plus years of experience in window installation. In our opinion, they are second to none in the Bay Area. We also are proud of a positive work environment where employees love what they do and solve problems daily while maintaining great attitudes.

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for your business?
On the custom housing side, there is no shortage of large estates being built in the Napa Valley that could utilize Western Window Systems products.

What do you do when not everything goes right with a project?
We all work together to figure out the problem and fix it as soon as possible. More importantly, we figure out why the situation occurred and learn from it to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

Kurt, can you give a few examples of Webster Window & Door’s favorite projects?

Shea Homes’ Vista Dorado project in Brentwood, California, would be our favorite project to date in which we used Western Window Systems products. Shea is building some beautiful homes and has incorporated many Western Window Systems doors into its standard plans.

The Vista Dorado project gave us the opportunity to install a 90-degree pocketing door for the first time. It is truly the cornerstone to the home and really should be seen in person to appreciate.

Kurt, what’s the number one problem facing the glass and glazing contractor industry today? And how are you addressing it?
At Webster Window & Door, the biggest issue we face is the product lead times and the 100 percent complete shipments from manufacturers. We do our best to order products earlier than normal and stay on top of back orders as best we can.

For more information on Webster Window & Door, visit the company’s website.