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    Latest Houzz Reviews
  • Douglas Krebs, Builder

    We had Western moving glass walls installed in our new home three years ago. We love them! Soundproof and tight fitting, they slide with ease — and best of all, we can extend our living area to the outside just by sliding them open to our patio area. My mini dachshund Lucy recently chewed the small white plugs inserted into the bottom of the panels (for excess to the door adjustments) as she was teething. I emailed customer support and what do you know, my email was answered immediately and they were sending new rubber inserts to take care of the problem! Great customer service. Thank you!

  • Blackbox Design Studios

    We've used Western Window Systems on several of our projects. Time after time they deliver the clean, modern look our clients expect as well as the performance and quality that they demand. Often our designs are focused on expansive views and/or creating a seamless indoor/outdoor experience and Western windows and doors give us the ability to provide that for our clients.

  • Lucas Lauritzen

    As Vice President of Purchasing for Meritage Homes in Atlanta, I've been delighted with our relationship with Western Window Systems. The multi-slide doors make for an excellent focal point in our homes, and our customers love the ability to combine their indoor and outdoor living spaces. The ease of use and quality construction made it an easy decision to offer these doors as a standard feature in our new Woodland Reserve subdivision in Cumming, Ga. Highly recommend to anyone wanting that "wow" factor in their home!

  • Zeke Keel

    Western makes a high quality product! Their customer service is very good as well. I've worked on several projects with them now where they have been able to build windows and doors to sizes that the mainstream wood and clad wood window companies were not able to make.

  • Kim Kim

    Great experience LOVE the sliding wall doors! Most of all love the great field reps! Ordered door was quick to receive. Had a few questions regarding install. The company we purchased through were unhelpful and lacked knowledge. At 11pm I decided to email the western door service request. I got a response 5 MINUTES later at 11PM. Brent from western door emailed me with his cell phone number and told me to call him in the am. We spoke the next morning. Next thing He had Eric (field Rep) show up to my house immediately. Eric was experienced and gave solutions to my contractor to fix the issues. This is customer service! Every company on the planet could take a lesson on this unbelievable service!

  • Mark Newell

    Western Window Systems' commitment to quality products and world class customer service is second to none. Communication and response time are top-rate. We installed a beautiful three-panel stacking door system. They even helped us correct an installation error made by our local installer. Do not hesitate to install a Western Window Systems product. You will be well taken care of!

  • Chen + Suchart Studio

    Western Window Systems provides us with a fantastic product we can specify for our clients. We know that we can get great quality and great service with their team. Since 2010, we have been specifying Western Window Systems' glazing systems with the utmost confidence in achieving our architectural vision on behalf of our clients. We consider them a valued partner in the work we do.