5 Big Benefits of Vinyl Multi-Slide Doors

5 Big Benefits of Vinyl Multi-Slide Doors
May 19, 2020

Indoor-outdoor living options are ubiquitous in master-planned communities these days. Stroll through any new model home and there will be options for homebuyers who want to blur the boundaries between the interior and the exterior and extend their living spaces.

“Many builders are looking for ways to differentiate their homes from those of other builders at similar price points,” says Chet Willis, Western Window Systems’ vice president of production builder sales. “A vinyl multi-slide door is a great way to get the consumer’s attention at a price point that makes sense for the builder and the consumer.”

Here are five of the biggest benefits to differentiating homes with vinyl doors.

1. Cost-effectiveness. Vinyl can be manufactured to simulate more expensive door materials like wood or metal for a lower bottom line. “Our Series 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door is the most cost-effective option when builders evaluate using multi-slide doors,” Willis says. “It is by far the best value when considering the quality of the door system, structural ratings, thermal performance, and color options. You can still have that taste of luxury without the major expense typically associated with multi-slide doors.”

2. Ease of installation. The Series 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door fits in most 2x6 wall construction with no additional framing needed. Two nail fin set-back options make installation easier and faster. “It’s made to be more builder-friendly,” Willis says.

3. Effortless operation. The Series 3700 has refined fundamental operating mechanisms like a sill track insert that allows the door to move with ease. “Effortless operation is another key component,” Willis says. “The lightweight and specially designed roller system contributes to smooth operation and long-term satisfaction.”

4. Energy efficiency. “Vinyl multi-slides are very energy efficient,” Willis says. “With U-values set at .29, Series 3700 Vinyl Multi-Slide Doors meet or exceed code requirements in all U.S. geographies. Cardinal 366 triple-coat, low-E, argon-filled gas is the standard for our Series 3700 offering.”

5. Durability. Unlike some other door materials, vinyl can withstand the elements without flaking, peeling, or rotting.

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