Boy Scouts Troop 648 Makes Educational Visit to WWS

Boy Scouts Troop 648 Makes Educational Visit to WWS
Apr 12, 2018

A group of local Boy Scouts got a taste of manufacturing recently when they visited Western Window Systems.

But the scouts of Troop 648 were more than just passive visitors on a guided tour of the shop. This group of 14 scouts and four scout leaders actually got their hands dirty as part of an effort to attain their Composite Materials merit badges.

“One of the great benefits of Boy Scouts is that while working on earning a merit badge, the boys learn skill sets related to that badge, as well as learn what types of jobs are related to those experiences,” says Dean Seger, vice president of manufacturing.

Before their visit on April 3, the scouts researched composites – in particular, thermosets and thermoplastic resins, as well as examples of these composites. They also learned about the safety data sheet for the composites and became familiar with what the composites are, who uses them, and why they are useful.

“We discussed several of the composites we use in our windows and doors and why we use them,” Seger says. “From there, we took a tour of the shop and walked through the process of building and shipping doors and windows.”

Finally, the scouts built a window out of materials containing composites and discussed several professions that relate to composites.

“It allowed the boys to understand the types of education and jobs they might one day pursue,” says Seger. “Maybe one of these Boy Scouts will find themselves working at Western Window Systems in the future.”