Navigation Update to CustomView Online Quoting System

Navigation Update to CustomView Online Quoting System
Jan 23, 2018

In an effort to reduce confusion given that the number of product options has increased substantially in the wake of the new Series 7000 Performance line of products, Western Window Systems will institute a product navigation change at the end of January to CustomView, its online quoting system for dealers.

“We’re always looking to make life easier for our dealer partners,” says John Engelstad, chief information officer at Western Window Systems. “We’re confident that this navigation change will make CustomView as user-friendly as possible, and we will strive to constantly improve the system as necessary.”

The new navigation is easy:

  • Begin by selecting a product family, such as Classic or Performance.
  • Select the type of product you’re looking for, such as door or window.
  • Select a specific style of door or window before indicating the exact model number.

Currently, dealers must start with the product type before being presented with a list of models within that product category. The change in navigation is designed to streamline the process for CustomView users.

“By starting with the product family – Classic or Performance – the updated and improved system ensures that our dealer partners are presented only with the windows or doors from the product family that meets their project needs,” says Engelstad.

For further questions about the change, or about CustomView in general, contact your Western Window Systems representative.