Survey: Dealers Call CustomView Industry’s Most Improved Quoting System

Survey: Dealers Call CustomView Industry’s Most Improved Quoting System
Sep 20, 2017

Western Window Systems’ proprietary CustomView portal has proved an invaluable tool for dealers when it comes to quoting prices for the company’s innovative door and window solutions.

Now the company is pleased to announce it has been recognized as one of the best by WTS Paradigm, the firm responsible for creating the Center Point software on which CustomView is based.

WTS Paradigm, the dominant software solution provider for the North American fenestration industry, conducted a survey of dealer users to determine the Net Promoter Score, based on manufacturers’ implementation of the Center Point software. The survey found Western Window Systems had the most improved year-over-year increase in Net Promoter Score. In essence, it’s recognition of how easy it is to navigate CustomView and use the quoting system.

“It’s great to be recognized by our dealers for the efforts we have put in to improve the platform and how we support out dealer partners’ use of the system,” says John Engelstad, Western Window Systems’ chief information officer. “We are looking forward to continuing to make improvements and helping to simply things for our dealers.”

Western Window Systems deployed CustomView in 2010, instantly streamlining the quoting process for the company’s dealer partners around the country. During the company’s record period of growth over the past half-decade, CustomView has enabled Western Window Systems to scale and meet the quoting demands of dealers all while reducing time-consuming estimating requirements of the Western Window Systems sales force.

Using the CustomView portal, dealers are able, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, to compare various cost configuration options for a job. In addition, the system is seamlessly integrated into WTS Paradigm’s Master Point product, which provides end-to-end visibility for the manufacturing of orders, from initial submission all the way through inventory consumption and shop instructions to shipping and customer invoicing.

“The relationship with Paradigm and use of its software solution,” says Engelstad, “has been instrumental to Western’s ability to grow and meet the needs of our customers.”