Western Window Systems Introduces New Energy Efficiency Web Page

Western Window Systems Introduces New Energy Efficiency Web Page
Sep 28, 2016

Already sought after by architects and builders for their built-to-last manufacturing, smooth operation, and modern design, Western Window Systems products also are created with energy efficiency in mind.

And now, Western Window Systems features a website page devoted to energy efficiency and sustainability, not only for production builders, but also for homeowners, remodelers, designers, architects, dealers, and custom builders. The page also contains key information about how architects and builders can comply with California’s rigorous Title 24 requirements, designed to reduce energy consumption in one of Western Window Systems’ biggest markets.

“The new energy efficiency page is designed to educate our partners on why Western Window Systems is a great choice when it comes to energy-conscious decisions,” says Andrew Darr, vice president of custom sales at Western Window Systems. “We explore the countless benefits of our window and door systems and explain them in an easy-to-understand format.”

Visitors to the page will find helpful advice on energy efficiency with articles such as “How to Comply with Energy Codes Without Compromising Your Vision” and “Strategies for Engaging Natural Light in Design.” There’s also a real-world application about a stunning new apartment building in Seattle outfitted with Western Window Systems products. It uses half the energy and water resources of conventional apartment buildings without sacrificing any aesthetic and structural desirability.

Some examples of how Western Window Systems achieves energy-efficient products: dual-paned, triple-coated, low-E glass, which blocks a substantial amount of heat transfer, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs; weatherstripping, featuring tight, durable seals that help control humidity; and thermally broken aluminum, which features an insulating barrier that increases energy performance. Also, each Western Window Systems product is tested and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and American Architectural Manufacturing Association.

In building its products, Western Window Systems strives for sustainability by using wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a group that ensures products contain wood from FSC-certified forests. Western Window Systems also prides itself on using recycled aluminum, vinyl, cardboard, and paper.

Also on the new web page, builders and architects can learn about how to take the guesswork out of California’s Title 24 (also known as the California Energy Code) using Western Window Systems’ Performance Method Advantage, which generally provides the greatest amount of construction flexibility and can considerably reduce building costs, especially when it comes to most new homes, custom homes, and large home additions.

Finally, the new web page offers three easy compliance ideas, including contact information for energy consultants who can help maximize the Western Window Systems’ Performance Method Advantage.

Visit the new web page at http://westernvolumeprogram.com/about/energy-efficiency/.