Western Window Systems Treats Employees to Star Wars Experience

Western Window Systems Treats Employees to Star Wars Experience
Jan 06, 2016

Since Star Wars hit theaters in 1977, the epic space tale has been collecting fans. One of the biggest is Scott Gates, president and CEO of Western Window Systems. With the recent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Gates’ excitement has kicked into hyperdrive – and he’s managed to get the company in on the action.

“He’s not just a big fan, he’s a crazy-big fan,” says Leanne Harter, human resources coordinator.

Harter was involved in sharing Gates’ excitement about the new release by hosting several promotions that ultimately culminated in what is now being called “The Western Window Systems Star Wars Movie Experience.”

Harter says the Star Wars Experience idea took off when one of the company’s draftsmen proposed an excursion to view the movie. Through various raffles, along with Star Wars-themed trivia games at staff meetings, winners – about 50 lucky employees – will get to attend a private screening of the film. The company has rented out a local theater and the winning attendees will get a paid day off, free concession items, and gift bags full of Star Wars-related items.

Harter adds that the special event is just one way the company shows appreciation.

“We love to honor our employees; they work so hard. What I really like about this event is that it brings people from different departments together for an afternoon of fun.”