Western Window Systems’ Vinyl Multi-Slide Doors to Appear in Model Home Designed for Baby Boomers

Western Window Systems’ Vinyl Multi-Slide Doors to Appear in Model Home Designed for Baby Boomers
Sep 28, 2016

There are 77 million baby boomers in the United States. Among this massive segment of the American population, 700,000 will purchase a new home in the coming year. These 55-and-older homebuyers make up the most active, healthiest, and most connected generation of retirees in U.S. history, and they want the home that best suits their youthful lifestyle.

Western Window Systems is manufacturing products ideal for the kind of indoor-outdoor living solutions these boomers are seeking for their twilight years. The company’s vinyl multi-slide door will appear in the NEXTAdventure Home show house set to debut in January at the 2017 International Builders’ Show in Orlando.

“We’re excited to be an integral part of what is sure to be an amazing project,” says Chet Willis, vice president of production builder sales at Western Window Systems. “Our vinyl multi-slide door is a perfect fit for a generation of homebuyers that have earned the right to reside in homes that convey a sense of living better.”

NEXTAdventure, a collaboration between national homebuilders Hanley Wood and Taylor Morrison, is the result of extensive research into what buyers 55 and older want for their new homes. The yearlong initiative, which took into account the insights of homeowner focus groups, architects, designers, and builders showed that open floor plans, flow, natural light, and integrated indoor-outdoor living are among the most sought-after components for boomers.

Enter Western Window Systems. The company’s innovative moving glass walls and windows expand living spaces and seamlessly merge the indoors with the outside, creating a better way to live. In the NEXTAdventure model home, currently under construction at Taylor Morrison’s new Esplanade at Highland Ranch community in Clermont, just west of Orlando, Western Window Systems’ Series 3600 Multi-Slide Doors will be the centerpiece of the indoor-outdoor experience.

In the 2,200-square-foot model home, 90-degree pocketing multi-slide doors will open from the dining area to the kitchen, and a stacking multi-slide door will open from the family area to an outdoor living space with a fireplace and summer kitchen, creating a wide-open open-flow area perfect for entertaining or dining al fresco.

The NEXTAdventure show home will debut January 10-12 at the 2017 International Builders’ Show in Orlando. To follow the construction process, visit Hanley Wood’s Builder magazine website at builderonline.com/nextadventure.