WWS Expands CAD Department to Increase Capacity

WWS Expands CAD Department to Increase Capacity
Jul 16, 2017

It goes without saying that Western Window Systems has a lot on its plate in 2017. One way to keep up with the head-spinning evolution of the company was to expand the computer-aided design (CAD) department about a month ago. Already, the company is experiencing the benefits of expansion.

“Western Window Systems is a company that likes to go fast,” says president and CEO Scott Gates. “Whether it’s short lead times on production, launching 12 products in one year, or even responding to a service issue, we want to go fast.”

Due to growing demand, the company’s CAD lead times had begun to get longer, Gates says. By expanding the department, and thus increasing its capacity, Western Window Systems could ensure that CAD drawings were coming back as quickly as possible.

“With more people in the department and a training plan in place, response times are improved and single points of failure are eliminated because we have multiple people now knowledgeable about the complex custom configurations that are ordered,” says Cameron Wyatt, vice president of design and supply chain.

The CAD team has been expanding over the past six months, he says, and the existing team has made great strides to bring the new CAD staffers up to speed. Now each member is able to be more independent and have his or her responsibilities increased, Wyatt says.

Adds Gates: “We are already seeing the results. CAD lead times have dropped to the lowest they have been all year, all at a time when we are seeing record sales.”