WWS Introduces 90-Degree Option on New Multi-Slide Door

WWS Introduces 90-Degree Option on New Multi-Slide Door
Jun 18, 2017

The new Western Window Systems Series 7600 Multi-Slide Door already has proved to be a hit, and with a new option now available, the innovative product has gotten even more appealing to architects, builders, and homeowners.

Introduced in late May, The 90-degree option completely opens up two sides of a room by eliminating a connecting post, making floor plans seem much bigger and creating an even more seamless transition from indoor living spaces to outdoor living areas.

Builders who have been using standard stacking and pocketed multi-slide doors are finding that the 90-degree options give them a means to differentiate themselves from more conventional builders. The recent push for contemporary design, and the desire among all homebuying demographics for indoor-outdoor living, has set the stage for the introduction of the 90-degree option in production homes around the country.

“Once upon a time, production builders would never even consider a 90-degree door because it’s complicated, from a design and structural standpoint,” says Chet Willis, Western Window Systems vice president of production builder sales. “Now, builders on the leading edge of design are stretching their design and construction teams to incorporate 90-degree doors.”