Manager of the Year – 2019

Manager of the Year – 2019
Dec 16, 2019

Cesar Fuentes

Moving to a brand-new market is a challenge, but it’s one Cesar Fuentes tackled with aplomb – not only establishing a sales base in a fresh territory, but growing that market into one of Western Window Systems’ biggest sales hot spots.


Fuentes started working at Western Window Systems in May 2007, and “was one of our best salespeople in the field,” Western Window Systems president Scott Gates says – an achievement that led to him being moved to an untested sales area. He’s now the custom division sales manager for the central and eastern region.


“Not only did he create and grow that market, but that market is now the second biggest in our whole company,” Gates says. “It’s a substantial base and an important part of our future.”


Fuentes’ ability to lead and inspire others is especially important during difficult times, Gates says. “Not only does he teach and inspire others, but he also tries to motivate them to get them through hard days.”


As a leader, Fuentes has assembled and invested in his team, engendering loyalty and breeding success. “Cesar cares about his team, he motivates them, and he has incredible discipline for what it takes to not only take a market that’s big, but continue to grow it,” Gates says. “He’s an incredible leader and an incredible person.”


Congratulations, Cesar Fuentes, on being Western Window Systems’ manager of the year for 2019!