Shop Employee of the Month (Night Shift) – July 2019

Shop Employee of the Month (Night Shift) – July 2019
Jul 15, 2019

Deqwone Lavalle

Deqwone Lavalle started working in the glazing department as a glass puller in November 2018, and he’s long made it clear it was his goal to be employee of the month, says assistant production manager Mike “Hollywood” Flores.

“That tells me he wants to be excellent,” Flores says. “He wants to innovate. He wants to show partnership. And he has.”

Lavalle does everything he can to keep the glazing line flowing smoothly, from pulling glass and packaging to setting glass and cleaning windows.

“He plays a valuable role in the window and glazing lines,” Flores says. “He’s one of our best glaziers, no matter what product comes down the line.”

Lavalle’s task of locating glass is critical, and he delivers with speed and precision. “He has proven how important it is to have glass located and ready to go,” Flores says, “and he’s established a system of getting glass to the glazing line with minimal to zero down time.”

If one of his teammates needs something from assembly, Lavalle will pull the part for them in a flash. “He will go anywhere and help anybody to help them and the company grow,” Flores says.

In addition to partnership, Lavalle has also demonstrated leadership skills. “Anytime the lead is out, he jumps in and takes over and he shows us he knows what he’s doing,” Flores says. “He cares about his job.”

Congratulations, Deqwone Lavalle, on being Western Window Systems’ night shift shop employee of the month for July!

Learn more about Deqwone Lavalle by reading his Q&A below:

Where are you from?
San Diego, California

What song would you say best sums you up?
“In a Perfect World” by Phora

What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

What are your hobbies?
Playing soccer, baking, playing video games, writing poetry

Who do you look up to/admire?
My mom

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

If money were no object, what would you do all day?

What is your favorite family recipe?
Baked beans

What is your favorite movie?
Fifty Shades of Grey

What is your biggest success up until now?
Buying a car

What’s your favorite part of working at Western Window Systems?
Money/the crew that I work with

What is one fun fact about yourself that almost no one knows?
I love to party and test my limits!