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    Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door
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    Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door
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The stronger, greener, and better choice.

The Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door from Western Window Systems’ Volume Program is an indoor-outdoor living solution that stands up to the elements. Vertical steel reinforcements increase strength. A low U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) enhance energy efficiency. And American-made 100% virgin vinyl extrusions mean the Series 3600 will retain its color and never peel, chip, or need paint.

Moving walls of glass stack or slide into pockets for extra wide openings that provide more light and maximize views. A 90-degree alternative completely opens up the corner and sides of a room by eliminating a connecting post. Best of all, the Volume Program’s Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door features a shortened production lead time to help keep your project on track and on budget.

Start by choosing your desired configuration and width. From there, a range of options lets you customize your door as you see fit.


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“The price point and incentive program lets me bring value to customers who are used to seeing the same type of doors offered for thousands of dollars more.”Gilberto Barrera, Chesmar Homes

Product Features

Built for Longevity

For additional rigidity and strength, the Series 3600 features a 3.5” medium stile with a 2.375" interlock. Built in the U.S.A., every Western Window Systems product is subjected to air, water, and structural testing and is AAMA- and NFRC-tested and certified.

Less Energy, More Savings

A low .30 U-value and .20 SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) enhance energy performance by keeping heat inside a home and blocking it from the sun. For builders using the performance method for Title 24 compliance (California only), the Volume Program offers reduced envelope costs.

Smooth Operation

Sealed stainless steel ball bearing rollers make our multi-slide doors easy to operate. An interlocking track design provides structural integrity and makes it possible to span wide openings with almost any number of panels.

Climate Ready Glass

For better energy performance, our multi-slide doors feature dual-paned argon-filled low-E glass from Cardinal IG. Pre-applied Cardinal Preserve film protects glass through installation.

Concealed Locking System

The Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock to secure its large sliding panels, providing additional strength and protection. A keyed cylinder option is available.

Heavy Duty Hardware

For strength and durability, Western Window Systems uses stainless steel hardware for its door systems. Rolling hardware is AAMA certified and includes a standard size 1.81” roller.

NFRC Values

Access our current NFRC values here for the Series 3600 Vinyl Multi-Slide Door.

"The house lives so much larger than its square footage, and a lot of it has to do with the way the Western Window Systems multi-slide doors open up the house to the outside." Deryl Patterson, president, Housing Design Matters

Options Sizes and Configurations

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Standard Sizes

Standard size systems are available in 3-, 4-, and 5-foot panel configurations at a 95.5” frame height. Oversized systems are available in 4- and 5-foot panel configurations at a 95.5” frame height. Stacking or pocket option. For completely uninterrupted indoor-outdoor living, the Series 3600 90-Degree Vinyl Multi-Slide Door opens up the sides and corners of a room by eliminating a connecting post.

All standard options include a five-day production lead time.

Options Standard Size Three-Panel Configurations


Options Oversized Four-Panel Configurations


Options Semi-Custom Sizes

Semi-Custom Sizes

The Volume Program’s custom size and configuration options give production builders more design flexibility than ever to differentiate their homes. Plus, most come with an incredible 15-day production lead time.

A custom door can be ordered as a semi-custom door; however, paint texture, sheen, and color will differ from that of a Volume Program door. In addition, our 3” Monster Roller and certain glass and door types are not available. There is no appreciable cost savings to a semi-custom door compared to a custom door. What makes our semi-custom option unique is twofold: an ability to differentiate and a production lead time of just 15 days.

“We all use vinyl here in Las Vegas. The Series 3600 is great for our market.”Shanon M Gerrity, D.R. Horton

Options Floor Tracks


Water Barrier Sill

Designed for effectiveness in all climates, the water barrier's interior leg and weep-hole system safeguards against water intrusion. To hinder dust and debris, dual skirts extend into the track on each sliding panel. Available in sill heights of 2" (DP25) and 2.65" (DP40).


Flush Sill

When ease of entry is more important than performance against the elements, our flush sill is the perfect choice. With an interior and exterior sill height of just .75", it lines up with most interior flooring for a smooth transition to the outside. Weep holes in the track allow water to drain away from the door while dual skirts extending into the track on each sliding panel discourage dust and debris.

Note: The flush sill may be less effective at preventing water penetration than the water barrier sill and therefore may not be appropriate in all climates, conditions, and exposures.

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Options Handles


Flush-Mounted Handle

The standard option for all Western Window Systems’ multi-slide doors, the flush-mounted handle’s clean, narrow design allows panels to easily slide past each other or into a pocket. An optional keyed cylinder allows the door to be unlocked from the exterior. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black.

Premium Handle

Our premium handle features a minimal one-piece design, comfortable grip, and the option of a keyed cylinder that allows the door to be unlocked from the exterior. Finish choices are available in brushed nickel or black. The premium handle is not available on pocketing multi-slide or 90-degree door systems.


“It’s one of the best memory points we have in the models.”Kevin Rosinski, Toll Brothers, Arizona Division

Options Vinyl Finishes


Choose from White or Almond. For material samples, contact a Western Window Systems Volume Program representative.

Options Install Methods

Install Methods

The methods for installing our vinyl multi-slide door are designed to meet the needs of our Volume Program partners and may vary by market. Custom returns can be designed upon request.


“I’ve worked with many different styles and they’re not nearly as smooth as this multi-slide door.”Bethany McSorely, Scott Felder Homes





Exclusively designed for our three- and four-panel multi-slide doors, the retractable screen collapses easily and stacks to the side of the door when not in use.

Providing optimal ventilation and flexibility, it expands to the full width of the opening using tensioning cords and precision bearings that provide stability, keep operating force low, and extend product life. Available on door sizes up to 16 feet wide. Screens are mounted on the interior of the door.